Wilson Grip Module

I must admit that when these “modular” pistols came out, I didn’t think much of the concept. The hype, at the time, was that your buddy could shoot your gun and fit him perfectly, by simply swapping the grip module. Or, you can have a long slide and large grip or shrink it down by […]

The Reload

I had hoped to write all about that new SIG Sauer RomeoZERO reflex sight for my P365XL… but the Optics Planet order, placed in August 2019, is yet to ship. Their site says it will ship next week, but I’ve long since stopped holding my breath. While I’ve been waiting for the lock-down to end, I’ve […]

Trijicon SRO

I’m a strong advocate for tossing the iron sights of yesteryear and using reflex optics. 20 years ago the optic was often as large as the pistol itself. Today’s optics are smaller, last longer, and are often as strong as the iron sights they are replacing. It’s amazingly counter-intuitive to tell someone to focus on […]

I Was Wrong!

In January 2018, I finally found a great deal on a SIG Sauer P320 XCarry. I had read every review and drooled over the specs since the debut at Shot Show 2017. Nearly a year later, I had one in my hand. I’ve shot it and carried it for a year and a half now. […]


As most of you know, I’m a trainer. I like to train and help others train. I’ve had a tool in my bag for a couple of years now that is exceptional. They just released their latest version and it is AMAZING. Let me introduce you to the MantisX. I haven’t needed anything but the […]

G19 with G17 Capacity

The GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the pistol GLOCK submitted to the recent military challenge to become the US Army’s chosen sidearm. It is, in a word, a combo-pistol. It combines the full-size frame (G17) and the compact slide (G19) into a single pistol which comes with two 17 round magazines. The pistol includes […]

Gen 5… Bottom Line

I’ve bided my time and patiently waded through the myriad posts about the new Gen5 GLOCK. Some have said it’s no big deal, others have derided GLOCK with, “I thought it was perfection??” Let me provide the bottom line to the new generation. If we go back to the Gen3 release, everyone saw it as […]