As most of you know, I’m a trainer. I like to train and help others train. I’ve had a tool in my bag for a couple of years now that is exceptional. They just released their latest version and it is AMAZING. Let me introduce you to the MantisX.

The MantisX comes in a neoprene zippered case, complete with a USB charging cord, a rifle adaptor, rubber shims and a wrench.

I haven’t needed anything but the MantisX itself from the case.

Just grab the little MantisX and push down on the spring-loaded rail retaining clip and slide it on your pistol. Press the MantisX button on the bottom to connect the device to your phone, and you’re all set to. The connection (speaking as an IT guy) is drop-dead simple.

No tools necessary. The spring-loaded clip attaches it to the rail.
The green light indicates the MantisX is connected to my phone.

Now you can dry-fire or live fire to get immediate feedback on your shots. You can even practice your holster draw. Here are a few screen shots from my last dry-fire practice.

It remembered my last setup, which is using my SIG P320, right-handed, with the device mounted in the forward orientation on the bottom of the pistol.
A great shot!

I’ve not found a better training aid that gives such excellent, immediate feedback. I was working with a shooter earlier this year and I just couldn’t figure out why this really good shooter was often inconsistent. He had the fundamentals, but just couldn’t consistently nail the shot.

I pulled out my MantisX, slid it on his pistol and right away we both knew what was happening. As he pulled the trigger, he was clenching his shooting hand. (This is why we teach a “press” of the trigger, rather than a “squeeze,” since most of us squeezing, use all our fingers.) With this new knowledge, the shooter overcame a serious roadblock to being a great pistol shooter.

I highly recommend the MantisX, even if you’re not an instructor. Let’s face it, if you introduce people to the shooting sports, you’re going to end up teaching… There are three flavors of the MantisX. From their website (

The X is for beginner to advanced handgun and rifle shooters.
– The X3 is the new version of the X
– The X7 is for competitive shotgun shooters
– The X10 is for beginner to combat elite handgun, rifle and shotgun shooters

Interested? See me at the range and give it a try.

Shoot often, shoot safely. See you at the range!


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