I Was Wrong!

In January 2018, I finally found a great deal on a SIG Sauer P320 XCarry. I had read every review and drooled over the specs since the debut at Shot Show 2017. Nearly a year later, I had one in my hand. I’ve shot it and carried it for a year and a half now. I love this gun. Natural point of aim; flat-faced trigger; large beaver tail; ROMEO1 reflex sight; SIG iron night sights; 17 round magazine… the list goes on and on.

In October 2018, GLOCK announced their Gen5 MOS pistols. (The MOS line has the modular optic system. The slide is pre-milled to install a red dot sight and comes with a removable plate on the slide.) The list included the GLOCK G45, which is NOT in .45 ACP, but 9mm Luger. At first blush, it appeared to be a black version of the FDE GLOCK G19X that lost the military trials to SIG.

Close… It has several improvements, like the removal of the stupid cut-out at the base of the grip which pinches your fingers. It does not have a lanyard ring. It DOES have front slide serration (I’m a big fan) and 17 round capacity.

GLOCK has been offering honorably discharged US veterans Blue-label LE pricing this year from Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day. I decided to take advantage of it and pick up a G45 MOS. I had already purchased the new Trijicon SRO specialized reflex optic (review to come, and yes, it’s amazing), so I was ready to hit the range after some quick tweaking of my new GLOCK.

I put nearly a thousand rounds through the G45 the first week. What a great pistol. This is the spot where JoeGLOCK says that shooting his new GLOCK is great (insert eye-roll here). It felt so natural. It felt like I had greater control over the recoil than with my G19. I also had more rounds than my G19. Why did this feel so familiar? I know I don’t have another GLOCK like this G45…

When I opened my firearms locker to stow the G45, it sat on the peg right next to my trusted and beloved SIG P320 XCarry. I pulled that lovely pistol out of the locker, quickly confirmed clear and took a few dry fire shots. I rack my pistols upside down using the forward serrations. The ROMEO1 dot was right there when I punched out from a high-ready position, over and over again. A satisfied grin was on my face as I stowed it away… Then I grabbed the GLOCK G45 again and repeated the performance. Same grin. Same awesome feel. That’s when it hit me…

I had mercilessly derided the G19X when it was presented as GLOCK’s military trial submission. It was a Franken-GLOCK! A compact G19 slide sitting on a full-size G17 frame?? The crossover was ridiculous, I had said…

I pulled the SIG back out and laid it on top of the G45. I’ll be darned!

They are the same pistol. The P320 XCarry has a compact slide on a full-size frame, just like the G45. I was wrong. This Franken-SIG is an easy shooter with extra ammo… as is the G45. I just never realized the SIG was a cross-over pistol.

Yep, there’s a GLOCK under that SIG.

Here’s a great shot of the grips, allowing you to see the high bore axis of the SIG, relative to the GLOCK. The straighter grip angle of the SIG is noticeable as well, which makes it a more natural pointer than the GLOCK.

Notice how low your grip will be on the SIG, in spite of the awesome beaver tail.

Now that I have confessed my rush to judgement on the crossover pistols… I think I’ll had to the range and enjoy the large grip, flared magwell, SRO sight and front serrations for an hour or so. Come join me!

See you at the range,


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