This is an introductory course designed to familiarize students with the most popular types of handguns on the market today.

You will learn how each type of firearm works and how to safely handle and use them. We’ll take the mystery out of the names, numbers and sizes, so you can be comfortable in a safe learning environment.

Teaching Handgun Familiarization

Gain Confidence and Experience

Lose the fear of firearms. Prepare to defend yourself and loved ones, if necessary. Begin the journey of firearm training for recreation, competition and defense. Let your family know how to safely handle any firearm by learning from a NRA-certified pistol instructor.

You will be paired with a certified safety instructor for a 1:1 student/coach ratio. You will be taught the universal firearm safety rules and the basics of grip, stance and sight alignment. You will learn the differences between the most popular types of handguns and shoot them during live fire. 

  • Revolvers
  • 1911 Style
  • Hammer-fired
  • Striker-fired

Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club (CRPC) provides all firearms, ammunition, safety glasses and ear protection. You just need to come to class ready to learn!

Students may use training guns before live fire to ensure safety and confidence.

Two hour class

You will learn how handguns operate; how to safely handle and fire each type of pistol; and understand the difference between the four major types. You will have classroom training followed by live fire practice.

Classes are held the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 2-4pm, at the CRPC Indoor Range in Matthews.


This program is open to anyone who can legally handle a firearm in North or South Carolina. 

  • $25 for each adult
  • $10 for each youth (age 10-17)
  • (Youths must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • $1 for widows and single mothers


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13098 Bleinheim Lane
Matthews, NC 28105


If you have further questions:

(704) 200-6100