Gen 5… Bottom Line

I’ve bided my time and patiently waded through the myriad posts about the new Gen5 GLOCK. Some have said it’s no big deal, others have derided GLOCK with, “I thought it was perfection??” Let me provide the bottom line to the new generation.

If we go back to the Gen3 release, everyone saw it as a boost to the “raw” Gen1/2 and this time it’s really no different. If you’ve shot as many GLOCK pistols as I have, you know that it was a solid gun which has improved with each generation. I’ve been carrying and shooting a GLOCK Gen4 for some time now. It is definitively a better pistol than the Gen3. I speak from being “inside” the pistol regularly, not just behind it.

During my last GLOCK Advanced Armorer’s course, we were introduced to the brand new GLOCK 42. There were several amazingly different parts in the G42, and a completely different way for the pistol to fire. The coolest thing to me at that time was the new spring on the slide stop. Our instructor for that class made it clear to us: “Over time, the new features you see in the G42 will be introduced to the rest of the models.” He was right.

Fast forward now to the Gen5 and we find these changes.

  1. The finger grooves have been removed. I think this was a wise move on GLOCK’s part. The grooves only worked for a percentage of the population. By removing them, a Hogue grip can provide them, when desired, but the gun will fit properly for nearly everyone.
  2. The magazines have orange followers.
  3. The magazine floor plates have been reshaped.
  4. The magazine well is slightly flared.
  5. The pistol finally has an ambidextrous slide stop.
  6. The slide has been beveled for easier reholstering.
  7. The barrel has been upgraded to match grade with a nice crown.
  8. Gone is the long vaulted hexagonal rifling, replaced with normal spiraling.
  9. The firing pin safety has been redesigned.
  10. The trigger, finally, has been redesigned.

In my opinion, if you have a Gen4 pistol, there is no overriding reason to upgrade to the Gen5. However, if you can sell your Gen4, do it. The Gen5 pistol is better, all around.

If you’re in the market to buy a new pistol, the Gen5 GLOCK is the best bet, if you are looking for reliability, proven simplicity and a solid performer.

Perfection has been perfected… again.

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  1. Hi Joe! I saw the logo for this site on the main QV page. Awesome! It’s funny that you mentioned the new spring on the slide stop of the 42. I have 3 other Glock pistols and I got into a nasty habit of using the slide stop as a slide release. On my 42 it works only as a slide stop and will not release the slide. I’m a lefty so I should and am working on training myself to slingshot the slide but I was curious if there might be something wrong with my 42 (probably just working as designed). Other than that, it shoots fine.

    • Joseph Squicciarini says: May 22, 2019 at 8:53 pm

      Ah, you’ve found my alternate identity! 🙂

      I’m sure your G42 is fine. The problem is (and it’s the case with my G43 as well) that the pressure on that little guy is just too hard to overcome with the edge of your finger. If you pull back slightly, ever so slightly, on the slide as you push down the slide-stop, it will return the slide and go into battery. But gee whiz that’s hard! Get in the habit of coming over the top of the slide with your right hand. Grasp the back end of the slide, where the grooves are, and pull back. This works on every handgun out there. Don’t grab the slide with your thumb and forefinger, that won’t work if you’re sweaty or under duress. Most folks don’t realize that many European made guns don’t even have a slide-stop. Try a Walther PPK some day… You MUST pull the slide back to release it. Stay safe! See you at the range.

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