G19 with G17 Capacity

The GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the pistol GLOCK submitted to the recent military challenge to become the US Army’s chosen sidearm. It is, in a word, a combo-pistol. It combines the full-size frame (G17) and the compact slide (G19) into a single pistol which comes with two 17 round magazines. The pistol includes the Gen5 ambidextrous slide stop and a lanyard loop.

JoeGLOCK’s take? I love the idea of a compact pistol with more rounds. I think a lanyard loop for a civilian is stupid, unless you tend to drop your pistol all the time.

Unfortunately for GLOCK, not only did they lose the military trials (as SIG Sauer did in the mid-80s) but they also missed out on a better “cross-over” pistol combining the full size capacity with the compact slide. The winner is the SIG Sauer X-Carry.

The SIG P320 X-Carry comes with

  • A beveled magwell
  • 17+1 capacity
  • THREE magazines
  • A lightening cut in the slide
  • X-ray sights (like the SIG Legion series)
  • Front slide serration (GLOCK, are you listening?)
  • A flat trigger
  • Rear sights that remove with the RMR plate for mounting a Romeo1 red-dot

This is a modification of the pistol that just beat GLOCK’s 19X in the trials, and by my accounts (I have one on my hip right now), SIG beat GLOCK in the civilian version as well.

Hang in there GLOCK. I still love ya.


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