Handgun Introduction (2 hours – no range time)

Many people take the Concealed Carry class and buy a handgun. Now what? How do you prepare to carry responsibly? Perhaps you are waiting to purchase a handgun and you feel overwhelmed by all of the pistols available at your local gun store. Maybe you’re a woman who feels unsafe in parking lots and parking garages but you’re not comfortable carrying your firearm yet. If any of these sound familiar, this is the starter class for you.

This class focuses on real questions, like “What’s the best handgun for me to use to protect myself, my home, and my family?” and “How do I keep my gun away from my grandkids but still be ready for a home invasion?”

This class is fully hands-on. With up to 30 firearms with which to work, you will learn how to comfortably handle a firearm safely. When we’re done you will be able to identify all the handgun types, pros and cons of each, and ready for a trip to the gun store!

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