Basic Firearms Training (10 hours – includes 2 hours range time)

This is our most popular class! This series is made up of ten one-hour sessions and is customized to your personal needs and desires. We start with the universal rules of firearm safety and and overview of the upcoming classes. The second hour is our famous Hands-on Handgun History session where you will handle over 20 different firearms and practice your newly learned handgun safety measures. The ammunition review will teach you the basics of ammunition from clips to cartridges and calibers.

The next session walks through every aspect of safe handling, manipulation and firing of a pistol, including sights, grip and stance. You will use state-of-the-art laser training tools to prepare for you trip to the pistol range. Your one-on-one training session at the pistol range will be rewarding as you fire the pistol of your choice from Joseph’s extensive collection, plus three other pistols of his choosing to give you a broad range of experience. Range time is followed by the pistol maintenance class, where you will learn much more than just cleaning the handgun as we introduce you to function and safety checks and maintenance logs.

In the next session you will learn the difference between training and practice, the value of dry fire (besides saving loads of money) and how to build your shot cycle. Stance, breathing, muzzle management, trigger finger discipline, iron and optic site pictures, grip, tactical and emergency reloads, and more will be taught and practiced at your second range visit. The ninth session reviews firearm and ammunition storage and how to purchase a firearm. We also discuss the National Firearms Acts regarding ownership of suppressors. The final session is a low-pressure competency exam followed by Q&A.

Two optional additional sessions: Home Action Plan Development for Dynamic Critical Incidents and Family Training where we review the firearm safety rules with your family as well as your home action plan, if applicable.

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