My Gun (3 hours – no range time)

Many people take the Concealed Carry class and buy a handgun. Now what? How do you prepare to carry responsibly? Perhaps you are waiting to purchase a handgun and you feel overwhelmed by all of the pistols available at your local gun store. Maybe you’re a woman who feels unsafe in parking lots and parking garages but you’re not comfortable carrying your firearm yet. If any of these sound familiar, this is the starter class for you.

This class focuses on real questions, like “What’s the best handgun for me to use to protect myself, my home, and my family?” and “How do I keep my gun away from my grandkids but still be ready for a home invasion?”

This class is fully hands-on. With up to 30 firearms with which to work, you will learn how to comfortably handle a firearm safely. When we’re done you will be able to identify all the handgun types, pros and cons of each, and ready for a trip to the gun store!

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The Pistol (4 hours – includes 1 hour range time)

Starting with the basics, we walk through every aspect of handling and firing your pistol safely, accurately and quickly. You will learn the difference between training and practice, the value of dry fire (besides saving loads of money) and how to build your shot cycle. Stance, breathing, muzzle management, trigger finger discipline, iron and optic site pictures, grip, tactical and emergency reloads, and more, will be reviewed in a logical, understandable way so that you can continue practicing at home and on the range.

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The Reload (2 hours – includes 1+ hour range time)

The goal of this course is to make your reloads effortless – even thoughtless. When a cadence of fire is barely interrupted by a reload, you’ve mastered it.

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The Draw (3 hours – on or off range)

By the numbers, we move from specific movements to a smooth single movement ending with a high-speed draw followed by a throttled presentation at the target.

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The Dot (3 hours – on or off range)

Ever lose the dot and start waving the pistol around desperately looking for it? This is your class. Based on the teaching of Scott Jedlinski (The Modern Samarai Project), you will never lose the dot again.

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The Mark (3 hours – on or off range)

Aim small, miss small is not just a euphemism, but a clarion call to exactness and target focus. Accuracy is critical in all aspects of pistol shooting, and this class will bring it.

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The Economist (3 hours – on or off range)

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, fast is economy of motion. Again, based on Scott Jedlinski’s method, we critically examine every movement on your draw stroke, your presentation, trigger pull, target transition and magazine changes to save time, by reducing unneeded motion.

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One-on-One Pistol Marksmanship (1 hour – on or off range)

If you want to shoot your handgun better than you do today, this class is for you. We begin and end with a 5-round test. In one hour, by increasing your accuracy through analyzing your movements and adjusting grip, stance, and breathing, we guarantee you will shoot better when the test is repeated. Get some coaching!

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