The Reload

I had hoped to write all about that new SIG Sauer RomeoZERO reflex sight for my P365XL… but the Optics Planet order, placed in August 2019, is yet to ship. Their site says it will ship next week, but I’ve long since stopped holding my breath. While I’ve been waiting for the lock-down to end, I’ve […]

Trijicon SRO

I’m a strong advocate for tossing the iron sights of yesteryear and using reflex optics. 20 years ago the optic was often as large as the pistol itself. Today’s optics are smaller, last longer, and are often as strong as the iron sights they are replacing. It’s amazingly counter-intuitive to tell someone to focus on […]

I Was Wrong!

In January 2018, I finally found a great deal on a SIG Sauer P320 XCarry. I had read every review and drooled over the specs since the debut at Shot Show 2017. Nearly a year later, I had one in my hand. I’ve shot it and carried it for a year and a half now. […]

The Browning Hi-Power

I am a big John Moses Browning fan, even if I do own more GLOCKs than most people. J I have several of his pistols from the turn of the century. At a time when most of the world was using revolvers, Browning introduced the first semi-automatic pistol to use a slide! His 1896 design […]

The Luger

About 200 years ago, Americans fought for and declared our independence from Great Britain in 1776. If you’ve seen The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, you’ll remember how they loaded those muskets from the business end of the rifle. Pour in the powder, ram in the ball and wad. Slow process indeed. About 100 years later […]

The Big Dance

In the 1970’s, 45 years ago, all the units of our American military machine were using the M1911A2 .45 caliber pistol, except the fly boys, who were using the .38 revolver.  Most folks are familiar with this history, and I’ve covered a bit of it in other posts regarding the .40 S&W and the FBI. […]

Guns Kill More Americans Than Terrorists Do

That was the headline on Jennifer Chaussee’s Science article in WIRED Magazine on October 2, 2015. This is a common ploy, or mistake, made by those in the media and our own neighbors. Ms. Chaussee is comparing an inanimate object (gun) to a person (terrorist.) This is a category mistake, making the sentence illogical. Here’s an example to show how ridiculous […]

You’re Doing It Wrong!

I recently read an article in American Handgunner on the 10 Things Most Gun Owners Do Wrong. I agreed with most of it. Here’s my take with a nod to the author, Ralph Mroz: They don’t zero their gun. This is so true! Even if you can hit the same hole in the X ring over and […]