As most of you know, I’m a trainer. I like to train and help others train. I’ve had a tool in my bag for a couple of years now that is exceptional. They just released their latest version and it is AMAZING. Let me introduce you to the MantisX. I haven’t needed anything but the […]

Inconsistent Performance

I teach about three or four one-hour pistol lessons every week. The most common problem that most shooters have is consistency. A lot of their shots are great, but there is always a flyer or two that misses the mark. Why is this? The answer is: stability. Most shooters think they have some super-human ability […]

How to Shoot Better

Since I’m at the range a lot, I see many shooters come and go. Some of the faithful have their routines all set. But most folks come in, put up a target, push it out and blast some holes. Pull it back, change it, push it out. Over and over, ammo gets burned up with no measurable results. […]