Inconsistent Performance

I teach about three or four one-hour pistol lessons every week. The most common problem that most shooters have is consistency. A lot of their shots are great, but there is always a flyer or two that misses the mark. Why is this? The answer is: stability. Most shooters think they have some super-human ability […]

Pistol Malfunction Review

There are three major categories of pistol malfunctions, numbered from one to three. These are important to know and understand in order to properly, safely, and quickly remedy the malfunction. Let’s walk through each category and review what should have happened, what did happen and how to get your pistol running properly again. Ammunition Malfunctions – […]

How to Shoot Better

Since I’m at the range a lot, I see many shooters come and go. Some of the faithful have their routines all set. But most folks come in, put up a target, push it out and blast some holes. Pull it back, change it, push it out. Over and over, ammo gets burned up with no measurable results. […]

Shoot Better

I recently had the privilege to visit the SIG Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. What a great team of folks work up there for SIG. I was surprised by what appeared to be a “loose” teaching style. The NRA harps on several shooting fundamentals, including Aiming; Hold Control; Breath Control; Trigger Control and Follow-Through.  The […]


I learned this practice drill from Adam Painchaud’s SIG Sauer Academy YouTube channel. It’s improved my skill immensely. The drill combines live fire with dry fire making for some excellent training time. Start with your pistol locked and loaded with a round in the chamber. Remove the magazine. Now fire two shots. The first will […]