Wilson Grip Module

I must admit that when these “modular” pistols came out, I didn’t think much of the concept. The hype, at the time, was that your buddy could shoot your gun and fit him perfectly, by simply swapping the grip module. Or, you can have a long slide and large grip or shrink it down by […]


As most of you know, I’m a trainer. I like to train and help others train. I’ve had a tool in my bag for a couple of years now that is exceptional. They just released their latest version and it is AMAZING. Let me introduce you to the MantisX. I haven’t needed anything but the […]

G19 with G17 Capacity

The GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the pistol GLOCK submitted to the recent military challenge to become the US Army’s chosen sidearm. It is, in a word, a combo-pistol. It combines the full-size frame (G17) and the compact slide (G19) into a single pistol which comes with two 17 round magazines. The pistol includes […]

The Glock Killer

Last month I shared my first looks at the new SIG Sauer P320. By way of review, it’s a fine pistol created with Swiss precision, German engineering, and good ol’ American innovation and ingenuity. It’s a modular handgun where the slide rides on all-metal rails in a solid stainless steel frame. The serialized unit lets […]

Ferrari Catches Volkswagen

About 30 years ago, the Colt 1911 handgun was replaced as the standard issue US military sidearm. The choice came down to two contenders: Beretta and SIG Sauer. Depending on which story you follow, either SIG made a big blunder on the pricing or the Italians had some intel on suitcase nukes that we needed. […]