G19 with G17 Capacity

The GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the pistol GLOCK submitted to the recent military challenge to become the US Army’s chosen sidearm. It is, in a word, a combo-pistol. It combines the full-size frame (G17) and the compact slide (G19) into a single pistol which comes with two 17 round magazines. The pistol includes […]

Gen 5… Bottom Line

I’ve bided my time and patiently waded through the myriad posts about the new Gen5 GLOCK. Some have said it’s no big deal, others have derided GLOCK with, “I thought it was perfection??” Let me provide the bottom line to the new generation. If we go back to the Gen3 release, everyone saw it as […]

Rifle and Handgun Pairing

The 1873 Winchester rifle (or carbine) was the “gun that won the West.” The movie is pretty good and the rifle is awesome. It was a great benefit to have the same caliber rifle as the handgun you were carrying. Colt’s single action army (SAA) in 44-40 was a great match to the Winchester 1873 […]

Guns Kill More Americans Than Terrorists Do

That was the headline on Jennifer Chaussee’s Science article in WIRED Magazine on October 2, 2015. This is a common ploy, or mistake, made by those in the media and our own neighbors. Ms. Chaussee is comparing an inanimate object (gun) to a person (terrorist.) This is a category mistake, making the sentence illogical. Here’s an example to show how ridiculous […]