I’m enjoying our new President and a more friendly posture towards the 2nd Amendment. But I am concerned that we continue to promote the correction of several anti-Constitutional laws that remain on the books. The first is the National Firearms Act of 1934. This is the legislation which created the requirement to pay a $200 […]


Pistol rounds are easy to pick out of a crowd, aren’t they? Pistol rounds are short and boring. It doesn’t really get interesting until you start looking at some of the wild self-defense rounds. Rifle rounds, on the other hand, are long and pointy with cool bullets that have colored polymer tips. (The guys and […]

Bye-bye Forty!

For those of you new to shooting, I imagine the number of ammo calibers available is dizzying. On top of that amazing array we throw in both digital and imperial measurements for fun. Let’s do a quick review of what’s on the market for general, common, center-fire handguns. We’ll look at these eleven cartridges: .32 ACP .380 ACP […]

Ferrari Catches Volkswagen

About 30 years ago, the Colt 1911 handgun was replaced as the standard issue US military sidearm. The choice came down to two contenders: Beretta and SIG Sauer. Depending on which story you follow, either SIG made a big blunder on the pricing or the Italians had some intel on suitcase nukes that we needed. […]

Blow Back

The first automatic pistol designs were blow back operated. This design has a frame-mounted, immoveable barrel which demands a heavy slide. This provides sufficient inertia to hold the slide in place long enough for the bullet to leave the barrel and gas pressures to reduce to safe levels. If the slide isn’t heavy enough, it […]

Condition One

The Army’s specifications of 1906 for its next round of automatic pistol testing required an “automatic safety.” This requirement was satisfied in the Model 1907 test pistols by what we now call the “grip safety,” designed by Ehbets at Colt. The grip safety that we now know was the last significant modification to the Browning/Colt […]