G19 with G17 Capacity

The GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the pistol GLOCK submitted to the recent military challenge to become the US Army’s chosen sidearm. It is, in a word, a combo-pistol. It combines the full-size frame (G17) and the compact slide (G19) into a single pistol which comes with two 17 round magazines. The pistol includes […]

Gen 5… Bottom Line

I’ve bided my time and patiently waded through the myriad posts about the new Gen5 GLOCK. Some have said it’s no big deal, others have derided GLOCK with, “I thought it was perfection??” Let me provide the bottom line to the new generation. If we go back to the Gen3 release, everyone saw it as […]

The Glock Killer

Last month I shared my first looks at the new SIG Sauer P320. By way of review, it’s a fine pistol created with Swiss precision, German engineering, and good ol’ American innovation and ingenuity. It’s a modular handgun where the slide rides on all-metal rails in a solid stainless steel frame. The serialized unit lets […]

Why is the GLOCK Special?

I’ve shot dozens of different handguns. I’m trained to care for several different manufacturer’s firearms. I talk to anyone and everyone about guns. That said, I can say the following with no concern for contradiction. The GLOCK pistol has fewer parts than other brands. The parts in today’s GLOCKS fit in model generations which are 30 […]