Pistol rounds are easy to pick out of a crowd, aren’t they? Pistol rounds are short and boring. It doesn’t really get interesting until you start looking at some of the wild self-defense rounds. Rifle rounds, on the other hand, are long and pointy with cool bullets that have colored polymer tips. (The guys and […]

Bye-bye Forty!

For those of you new to shooting, I imagine the number of ammo calibers available is dizzying. On top of that amazing array we throw in both digital and imperial measurements for fun. Let’s do a quick review of what’s on the market for general, common, center-fire handguns. We’ll look at these eleven cartridges: .32 ACP .380 ACP […]

Pistol Malfunction Review

There are three major categories of pistol malfunctions, numbered from one to three. These are important to know and understand in order to properly, safely, and quickly remedy the malfunction. Let’s walk through each category and review what should have happened, what did happen and how to get your pistol running properly again. Ammunition Malfunctions – […]