BH Spring Solutions Tactical Safety System for GLOCK

I had a relationship with BHSpring Solutions from my work on my Browning Hi Power. If you have a Hi Power, I can tell you there is no better expert available than these folks. Based in New Palestine, IN, they have springs, parts, tools (oh my, the tools!) and even custom 1911 grips. I’ve been on the phone with Mark, one of the principles at BHSpring Solutions, to troubleshoot a new safety on an old Browning Hi Power. He’s a great guy, and has forgotten more than I will ever know about the Hi Power.

Imagine my surprise when they announced a Tactical Safety System for GLOCK. In a nutshell, you can add an external safety to your GLOCK without any permanent modifications in about 10 seconds. Remove the slide plate on the rear of the slide and replace it with the TSSG and you’re done. Incredible. Seen below, after installation, with the safety OFF, ready to fire.

BHSpring Solutions also provides a tool to avoid having to pull the trigger to field strip the pistol. Installing the device provides a myriad of benefits that many have complained about over the years, without defeating any of the existing GLOCK internal, automatic safeties.

So what do I think?

If you love the reliability of the GLOCK and wished it had an external safety, for $70 your wish comes true. See the pics below. You get a hump on the back of the slide but you get an ambidextrous safety that works just like the one on your 1911. It’s a simple, slide-mounted safety. Installation could not be easier. I installed it on every 9mm GLOCK every made. The TSSG will NOT allow the slide to go completely into battery on any GLOCK with the optional beaver-tail grip installed.

Will I keep this device on my G19C? For demo purposes, sure. For carry? Not a chance. Not because the product is inferior, but because I don’t want any external safeties, levers, button or widgets to mess with. If I choose to pull the trigger (trigger-finger discipline is crucial) I want it to go bang. It’s the simplicity of the GLOCK that made me a believer in the GLOCK Perfection model. After all, I’m JoeGLOCK.

Should You Buy the TSSG?

If you have a GLOCK or are thinking about buying a GLOCK, but wish that it had an external safety. Buy the TSSG. If you aren’t a GLOCK fan, or you haven’t purchased a GLOCK, but you strongly desire an external safety, then buy a different pistol.

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